Ankle deep
in our spring
swollen with sudden summer showers
my eyes
hand shaded summit bound
your long legs
white chennile hidden
silouetted for me below
breeze blown
the heat of your thigh
then covered again
sunlit angel
wisp of hair dancing
brushed back
dark eyes blazing on me
a slow tide
of sweat glistening
brow to chin
quivering shoulders sag


Below you
lost in our creek
words echoing round the bend
my eyes
tear filled sorrow found
your painful goodbye
long awaited now received
piercing manhoods armoured coat
harsh tone
the chill of your sigh
then hidden again
sunset demoness
traces of dreams dashing
tossed aside
dark eyes blazing on me
a tidal wave
of tears washing
morning smiles
quivering shoulders sag


Without you
drowning in my sorrow
remembering our fields of dreams
my eyes
seeking but a friendly trace
of summers storm
disrupting our rite of spring
dark truth covers fantasy’s light
all alone
only one final goodbye
then silenced again
full moon madness
a world dressed in black and white
moon shadow slipping
dark eyes blazing on me
neaptide of comfort
lapping at my shore
ankle deep
quivering shoulders sag


my eyes
dark eyes blazing on me
quivering shoulders sag
quivering shoulders sag