i chose them
never understanding the path he chose
i saw them
on his feet

he stumbled
and crumbled
and fell

i stood over him

not so fast

yes i took them
i put them on
and i began to walk

then i stumbled
suddenly understanding
why he fell

then i crumbled
suddenly feeling
why he fell

i fell

you see
much as green pastures
over the fence
look so serene

when you get there
it is just grass

so i walked grassy fields
in his shoes
on the road he traveled


surrounded by his shoemaker
and tailor
and friends

and in this shoddy suit
walking his path
seeing what he saw

i realized i was naked
and barefoot
and no different

than the man
i left shoeless
at the curb

i thought he gave me his shoes
i realized
he would prefer to be barefoot

feeling grass
beneath his toes
avoiding the concrete
avoiding the pain

the path
he left
for me

to walk
in his shoes…………