pure folly

to listen to history be revealed
to stand where others kneeled
to wish you were the shield

pure folly

pure folly

and i drift back in your memory
and see the place i might have been
protecting tiny legs from whippings
and stopping beatings again and again

and i sit in the back of the classroom
watching you take center stage
silently cheering every accomplishment
placing your name at the top of the page

and i am the kindly truck driver
while you race from here to there
trying to ease your escape plans
understanding you don’t feel life is fair

and i stand by your labor bed with rags
gently wiping sweat from your brow
whispering words of support and comfort
26 hours later and you’re a mother now

and i see myself with little children
making life the best i can
erasing pain of fathers leaving
i never knew when this began

and i see another tattered woman
little girl hand in hand
as i open a better window for them
a beach much more than sand

and i wait while storm clouds gather
and accusations fill every hall
yes i know the truth will free you
little man can stand so tall

and then morning finds me
wrapped in a complicated web
black widow crawling closer to me
waiting for the tide to ebb

and i know you wish to stand alone
and fight demons as they come
i will wait and wait and wait
you will never be alone