look at me . . . look in my eyes
see me . . . i have no disguise
your vision is veiled
you’re lost in your lies

look at me . . . look in my eyes
i am who i am . . . not what you see
stop what you’re doing
open your eyes . . . look at me

we see the same pictures
we know the artist’s name
but the way that we read it
can never be the same

we’re children of the universe
from a different place in time
seasoned by our journey
nurtured by our wine

enhanced by our gardens
and the fruit of our days
unable to reach each other
lost in ego’s haze

and i live within Abelard
the pain of his desire
and i see you in Heloise
and the roar of her fire

and i understand their victory
beyond those days of sin
and i understand their passion
in a place they’ve never been

and i understand their sorrow
for all the joy once they shared
and i understand tomorrow
exists for those that dared

and i see myself in Romeo
reaching for your Juliet
laying in your garden
waiting for the sun to set

fore we’ll find each other in nightime
when red lights share their flame
but my twilight lasts forever
poor Romeo’s insane

so Juliet lays there steaming
creaming through her night
exhausted in her passion
though never losing sight

of the places she has drifted
and how she sailed the seas
all the sailors that she lifted
and brought them to their knees

but then again i find freedom
beyond your Hoover Dam
my power is the water
my weakness is the sand

fore should my keeper free me
i’ll overflow your sin
you’ll be cleansed from your gift-giving
you’ll see me for who i am

you’ll understand the universe
and your place in time
you’ll understand that reaching out
can be your biggest crime

you’ll have the power of my knowledge
that Cain has shared with me
you’ll see that when you’re holding on
you’re shackled and never free

you’ll claw to remove the blindfolds
and pray to regain your sight
you’ll leave the sons of darkness
crying in their night

you’ll stand waiting to be taken
knowing you’ve nothing to give
nakedly trying to offer
the live you want to live

but it’s not the piece that’s missing
that fails to make you complete
you must learn to share your nectar
life’s blood can be so sweet

and when Rapunzel pricked her finger
spinning that golden thread
her spirit never died
it was just the things she said

and if i must be Prince Charming
i’ll kiss your death away
you see . . . i love you
that’s all i’m trying to say

and if these words shake you
and make you wonder why
sometimes deeper answers
are found in the look of your eye