this is all there is

no bricks,bridges,buildings,trains,planes,automobiles,fences,walls,borders

just as it is

this is all you are

no mother,father,sister,brother,lover,coworker,neighbor,friend,enemy
just as it isthis is all you have

no food,clothing,shelter,art,poetry,music

this is it

a speck of dust on a time continuem

hollow echoes only share the laughter of ages

your place in time inconsequential

your essence a brief passing

this is all

there are a lifetime of questions unanswered

there are a lifetime of answers without question

you can see something

you can taste something

you can feel something

you can hear something

you can smell something

this is all there is

senses thought to guide are aimless

truth is simple

this is all there is

empty,alone,cold,scared,tired,worn down,beaten,hopeless


to facts that the dead can not share

this is all there is

and then the wind whispers “au revoir”