While a picture shares a thousand words, sometimes fewer words paint a lovely picture. These are some of the poems I have written. Each title is a link to the page with that poem. It should open in a separate tab so you don’t have to be clicking back and forth.

March On


little child


Sun comes up Wednesday morning

Visions of Rebecca

Wake me

The look of your eye

Dark Eyes Blazing

On you

Sleepless Sleep

You touched me

You don’t even know your name

can I go to the garden again

when language languishes literally

In his shoes

Will you dance on my grave

Till death …

This all there is …

Sunshine on my shoulder

In the wind


Apple Annie

Or a few days

it is finished

What do I lose when I win

Buzzards not crows 1875

nahlins woman

they were my friends

Pure Folly